What Should I Do for My Canadian Immigration Medical Exam?

Let’s say you’re considering getting a work or study visa in Canada or perhaps immigrating there permanently. In that scenario, Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) might require you to take a medical exam before entering the country. For the majority of applications for permanent residence and some applications for temporary residence, including those from workers, students, and visitors, this test is needed.

Preparational Tips for Canadian Immigration Medical Exam

As previously shown, an immigration medical exam is required for all applicants seeking permanent resident positions and some applicants looking for short-term residency in Canada (including adjustment of status applications). The medical green card examination aims to guarantee the safety and security of current Canadian citizens.

In addition to paying the immigration doctor or civil surgeon expenses, you can take steps to prepare yourself for the medical exam.

Avoid Smoking or Drinking Coffee

You must forego your daily coffee and smoking routine to maintain healthy blood pressure. On top of that, a month before the test is a prime time to surrender cannabis use. This is because some medical insurance providers may charge the same amount for it as they do for cigarettes.

Remaining sober is recommended because alcoholic drinks cause dehydration and make it challenging to take blood. If you need a medical exam for immigration purposes, you can choose from many trusted facilities that offer prompt service. If you cannot go to them, you can talk to them by visiting their website.

Avoid Exercise

A day before a medical exam, you should refrain from engaging in activities that could be considered physically taxing, including workouts and other similar pursuits. It’s possible that increasing your heart rate or blood pressure through exercise will impact your examination findings. While maintaining a regular workout regimen is suggested, intense workouts in the days leading up to a test can reduce potassium levels.


If you have a blood test scheduled, it might be in your best interest to avoid consuming and drinking for twelve hours in advance to guarantee that your blood sugar and blood pressure are regular. Blood-level analyses can be altered by the minerals, sugars, proteins, fats, and vitamins included in diet and drink.

You may need examinations for things like liver function, blood sugar, and cholesterol carried out while fasting as part of the battery of blood work. The website of a clinic providing immigration medical exam services is an excellent resource for those seeking additional information about the immigration medical exam process.

Get a Good Sleep

If you want to know how to pass a blood pressure examination, the answer is simple: calm down. Getting ready for the medical examination by getting at least Seven hours of sleep will be valuable– sleep aids in regulating stress hormones. Doing so will assist in maintaining a healthy neurological system and decreasing blood pressure.

The doctor won’t be able to identify if a change is regular or you haven’t slept enough. Suppose you are still confused regarding the medical examination. In that instance, you can go to a clinic specializing in immigration medical exams and ask a professional about the procedure and what to anticipate. Moreover, you can visit several clinics like completeimmigration.ca if you have any questions about the process.


Your doctor’s task will be simplified if you understand what to do to prepare for your medical examination. Now that you have a plan for passing the medical part of the Canada immigration process, you can get that medical green card.